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Tell Them, “Your Service Matters”

America’s veterans carry a heavy burden for their service and right now too many of them are facing unthinkable challenges. And when veterans are hurting their families are hurting. They need to hear from you today.

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Let our country’s brave service members, veterans, and their families know that their service matters – today, tomorrow, and always.

Messages of Support

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Angela from Surf city, NC

"Thank you for your supports/services/love"

Juliet from Bridgeport, Connecticut

"Thank you for all you have done for our country.All you have sacrificed may never be known but I truly care and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Sheila from jonesboro, AR

"Thank you for all you have done for our country.All you have sacrificed may never be known but I truly care and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Sheila from jonesboro, AR

"Thank you for your service, your service matters. Providing a blanket of freedom to our great nation has been one of the most rewarding opportunities. As a veteran to my brothers and sisters past and present. Thank you."

Trd from Grand Junction, Colorado

"We appreciate the sacrifices you have made to protect and serve out nation. Your service matters to me. Thank you!"

Kathy from Washington, DC

"The Voice of the People
Friend of the world
Compassion for the poor
Succeed in lasting America"

Hassen from Ethiopia, Somali regional

"I have always appreciated everything every veteran has done through the years. I thank for all you have done."

Justin from Carver, MA

"Thank you to all veterans, past present and future. The sacrifices you all make every day makes me love you all more then ever. The world owes you all . I know you y’all don’t ask for anything in return for your service but believe me we owe you big time. May god bless each n every one of you. Hugs"

Lori from Marion heights, Pa

Linda from Anaheim, CALIFORNIA



"Thank you very much for your service !"

Carole from Toledo, Ohio

"Blessings to you!"

Harold from Fairview, Tennessee

Ujwol from Ewa beach, Hawaii

Melissa from Decatur, Ga

"From a US Navy veteran and US Navy veteran widow I just want to say Thank you for all you continue to do in support of this country and I salute you and pray for you. I come from a family of many veterans and this regard goes to and comes from us all."

Suzanne from Westminster, MA

"My father’s twin brother’s plane went down in the Sea of Japan in the Korean Conflict. His body was never recovered. He never got to meet me, as I was 8 months old when he died. I pray for him and all veterans and their families."

Connie from Tulsa, Ok

"Thank you for protecting my family and me. Thank you for protecting our freedom and way of life. Thank you for shining a light in the dark corners of our world. God bless you and your family. We are forever grateful."

Alicia from Cobb, Georgia

"Thank you some how is too simple to say for all you have willingly done for our nation. I retired yesterday from nursing, 11-12-21, and now I want to step up on another level and give back to our veterans. Just know your service will never be forgotten!! We love our brave veterans!!! God bless!!"

Helen from Ryan, Oklahoma

"Happy weekend sir/ma,
Hereby to show my happiness to all veteran nation wide,may god strength and protect you,
We need A good Veteran to be one so that prevent them from bad people."

Oloruntoba from Ilorin, Kwara

"I appreciate and thank all veterams for protecting our home and the greatest country on Earth. Thank you for keeping our families safe and sacrificing your freedom for ours!"

Garrett from Sharpsburg, Georgia

"Thanks for all you do for our country stay safe and l pray that the ones that are still serving come home alive to their families."

Roxanne from El paso, texas

"I enjoy the life I live because of the sacrifices of generations of soldiers like you. Know that there is a child out there now who’s life long dreams WILL come true because of you! I’m proof of it; so thank you."

Natalja from Malden, MA

"Thank you for your service to our country & the many additional things you do now for many Veterans in our community"

Bob from University Place, WA

"Know that you all are truly loved and appreciated. I served 6 years in the NAVY in a non combat role, my respect for those who did is unwavering. God Bless!"

David J from Canonsburg, PA

What is “Your Service Matters”?

Every year, we honor our veterans on November 11, but their service, their sacrifice, is felt all year round.

No one veteran serves alone. They volunteer to join the military from a sense of duty and respect for American values. Over the past 20 years, many have endured multiple deployments and been away from their families for exceptionally long stretches. Their families have persevered through these deployments, and some have taken on the role of caregiver when their loved one returned home injured. As America ends its longest overseas deployment, it is vital that we support their service and support their families, more than ever.

That is why the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and our Hidden Heroes campaign launched this effort to build a virtual parade for our military and veteran community. Pledging to support these families is a way for all of us to send a message of thanks for their service and sacrifice.

Let them know – Your Service Matters.

Learn the Facts

In the United States…

5.5 million

spouses, parents, family members, and loved ones care for a wounded, ill, or injured veteran at home^

4.5 million

veterans have a service-related injury or illness*

2.3 million

children live with a disabled veteran~

3 out of 4

veterans and their military caregivers report feeling isolated and alone^,+


of post-9/11 veterans say the public does not understand the problems faced by those in the military or their families+


of all adults say that military personnel and their families have had to make a lot of sacrifices since Sept. 11, 2001+


of veterans who had children during the time they served share that they have experienced strains in family relations since leaving the military+


of caregivers tending for their injured, ill, or wounded veteran at home have to leave the workforce to focus on their wounded warrior’s health^

How to Participate

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