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Protecting Your Family

We’ve long heard that planning for the future is high on your list of priorities.

In fact, at our recent Caregiver Townhall we heard that 15% of you hold this as your #1 concern.  We also know that 67% of Americans don’t have an up-to-date-will.

When we learned about this fact, we knew this was an opportunity for us to provide advocacy and support for our community.

Through our partnership with FreeWill – an organization that has worked with the nation’s top legal experts to create a quick and easy online will creation tool – you can now create your own estate plan online for free.

A free, easy-to-use tool for you

This tool is completely free, supported by nonprofits and it never sells or shares your personal data.

How FreeWill works

  1. Follow the easy, step-by-step instructions and fill out the necessary information online.
  2. Share your wishes and choose how you would like to support your family and if you would also like to include causes that are important to you.
  3. Submit your plan online and the information you provide is turned into precise legal language and sent back to you as a printable document.
  4. Print and sign your document to make it official and keep it somewhere safe but accessible.

Questions? Contact Victoria at [email protected]