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You don’t have to do this alone.

If you are a military caregiver, we encourage you to connect with a community of your peers via our secure Facebook group and Caregiver Q&A, to share experiences and advice with those who’ve been there. We also offer access to educational online courses to help you through the challenges of caregiving.

Collage of different caregivers from around the US with the veterans they support.

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Raise your hand. Share your story. Find support. Your voice brings vital attention to the unique needs of military caregivers.

Military Caregiver Recognition Award Program

As a military caregiver, you’re eligible to participate in free online courses by nationally recognized experts. Provided by PsychArmor Institute School for Military and Veteran Caregivers & Families and sponsored by USAA, these courses cover a wide array of caregiving issues, such as financial literacy, mental health and intimacy.  Caregivers who complete the program will earn a Certificate of Achievement, signed by Senator Elizabeth Dole and Tina Atherall, in recognition of their dedication in caring for a wounded service member or Veteran.  Click below to find out more!

The National Registry of Military Caregivers

The National Registry of Military Caregivers helps us identify caregivers across the country who serve our wounded veterans and servicemembers. We know there are 5.5 million military caregivers nationwide and yet many have not identified themselves as such. By connecting with caregivers through the Hidden Heroes community, the Foundation and its supporters are able to better direct services to caregivers in need.

Free Financial Advice from USAA

Caregiving comes with financial questions. We have answers.

USAA advisors offer free financial advice to military and veteran caregivers about managing your budget, getting out of debt, estate planning advice, choosing insurance, understanding credit scores and investing strategies.

Caregiver Q&A

Unexpected life changes often come with tough questions. Check out the recent questions submitted by our Hidden Heroes Community.

Can’t find an answer below? Submit your question to one of our Dole Caregiver Fellows and find answers from someone who has experienced caregiving challenges firsthand.

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Hidden Heroes Caregiver Community

Upon verification of your military caregiving documents, you will be added to the private and secure Hidden Heroes Caregiver Community Facebook group. This closed group offers a safe space to connect with other military caregivers, share advice, and talk with others who understand what you’re going through.

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Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program

The Dole Caregiver Fellows Program is at the heart of our Foundation’s work. Our Fellows are a diverse population of military caregivers from all eras of war, representing the fifty states and Puerto Rico. They are actively involved in driving our mission forward, play leading roles in advocating for national policy improvements and are catalysts for change in their own communities.


If you need financial assistance this holiday season, click here to learn more about our Hope for the Holidays program and apply by December 11.