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Military and veteran caregivers are the frontline medical workers caring for our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured warriors.

These caregivers have no training but are drafted to serve when their service member comes home.

The average military or veteran caregiver spends 20-30 hours per week caring for their wounded warrior. The isolation, stress, and strain can be overwhelming. But still, they forge on, proudly serving those who have defended our country.

Please join us in recognizing these military and veteran caregivers for their incredible service to our country.

Leave a few words of encouragement for these hidden heroes so they know you stand with them.

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Messages for Caregivers

"I don't know all that you, or the military member you care for, are facing, but I do know that a loving heart gives security, purpose, and hope to those it sacrifices for. You not only give that to each other, but also to all of us that live in the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!!"

David from Neenah, WI

"In an era when pledging allegiance to flag and country is not forefront in American's minds, our military members and their caregivers ally themselves with an even higher cause, the ideals this country was founded on. You are red, white, and blue through and through!!! Thank you for your service."

David from Neenah, WI

"Sacrificing a portion, sometimes a sizable portion, of life for a worthy cause, is not something that everyone understands or appreciates. Military families have taken on a challenge that has both long term commitments, but also long term rewards! Your sacrifice is not in vain and is appreciated!"

David from Neenah, WI

"Thank you SO MUCH for all you do to care for the wounded warrior in your life! Maybe you didn't go through boot camp like they did, but I bet the rigors and stress that you are enduring probably sometimes feel like it. There's a metal of honor for both of you in my heart!"

David from Neenah, WI

"Thank you for all that you do!"

Laura from Newport News, VA

"Thank you for all that you do. You are making a difference. You are important."

Liz from Milton, WI

"Thank you for your service to our country. My family appreciates the sacrifices you and your family have made to protect our freedom."

Jennifer from Little Chute, WI

"Thank you for your dedication to our military. The time and care you give does not go unnoticed."

Amber from Louisville, ky

"Sending my blessings and appreciation for all you do to support our veterans. This job is so demanding and rewarding at the same time. Stay strong and may God bless you!"

Nicole from Verona, KY

"Thank you for doubling down on the commitment and sacrifice involved with truly loving a veteran/active duty military member. If ever feeling overwhelmed or underappreciated, know that you are being seen and are doing amazing work that you can be proud of for the rest of your life. God bless you!"

Carolyn from Rosenberg, Tx

"Thank you for your selfless service!"

Samantha from Independence, ky

"Thank you to each and everyone of you for caring and supporting our military and veterans!! You are appreciated!!"

Nichole from Green Bay, WI

"God Bless to all the caregivers- we truly appreciate and value you!"

Keeta from Cincinnati, OH

"As someone who helps to care for aging parents, I know how tough caregiving can be. Thank you for all that you to care for those who have so courageously served our nation."

Theresa from Louisville, Kentucky

"Thank you for your selfless giving. Your dedication truly makes a difference in the world of our veterans."

Liz from New Albany, IN

"Thank you for everything you do serving our veterans. Your support truly makes a difference."

Sarah from Green Bay, WI

"Supporting those that defend and protect our country is incredibly important work. I am sure some days are tough but your work makes such a difference! Thank you for your time, compassion and dedication to our Veterans."

Holly from Anchorage, Kentucky

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication caring for our Veterans. God bless you!"

Kim from Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you for everything you do. Taking care of the wounded and sick can be a thankless job and unending responsibility. God bless you for taking this on any your dedication to those that served and protected."

Marian from Louisville, KY

"Thank you for everything you're doing to support our veterans!"

Emily from Louisville, Kentucky

"Thank you for being YOU! YOU are a HERO. I am sending a virtual hug to you, so you know that you made a difference in this world."

Jennifer from Louisville, KY

"Thank you for your selfless courage and dedication. Sending virtual hugs. Bless you all!"

Ann from San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you for taking time out of your day and life to be able to give and help those in need. It takes a kind, open hearted, and god loving person to step up and help and be willing to help. People like you make the world a better place. My god protect you and look over you. You are a hero"

Victoria from Cincinnati, ohio

"There is a special place in Haven for you! Your never ending compassion and care will not go un-noticed. Please know that you are a shinning glimmer of hope every second or everyday for those you care for. You are a gift and I thank you for being you. Please don't forget to take care of you too!!"

Denise from Franklinville, NJ

"I am personally grateful for the commitment that you have made to our country. We are truly blessed to have such dedicated patriots like you keeping this country and our interests safe! God bless you!"

Keith from Louisville, KY