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Become a Military Caregiver Champion

Veterans serve our country with honor.
Military caregivers serve too by caring for wounded warriors.
And, as a Caregiver Champion, you honor them both.

Become a Champion

Our Tom Hanks Caregiver Champions are a passionate group of donors who recognize and support the service of our military caregivers and their wounded warriors.

When you join, we will welcome you as a Caregiver Champion by sending you a Caring Tag inscribed with the name of a military caregiver, along with their family’s story. Your tag is a symbolic token of the support you will provide to the 5.5+ million military and veteran caregivers nationwide.

As a Caregiver Champion, you’ll:

  • Receive regular reports from Tom Hanks and Senator Dole to show you how your money is making a difference.
  • Be invited to attend exclusive briefing calls with Senator Dole, caregivers, and others.
  • Know that you are caring for those who care for America’s wounded service members and veterans – the biggest benefit of all. 

Become a Champion

Tom Hanks, Hidden Heroes Campaign Chair

I recently had an experience that changed my life forever.

I received an extraordinary gift from the widow of a serviceman—a replica of military dog tags with the name of her husband engraved on each. The tags were on a chain, and I put them on immediately to note the sacrifice made by one American family. The tags remain with me today as a reminder of the tremendous debt we owe to those who served.

I wanted to share this connection that I felt from this experience, and from working with our nation’s military caregivers and their wounded warriors, with you. I hope you’ll join me in supporting these hidden heroes and become a Caregiver Champion today.

Caregiver Champions: Caring for those who care for our veterans.

More than 5.5 million individuals throughout America serve as caregivers to wounded warriors. They serve nobly but they serve in the shadows, without the support and resources their families need to thrive. For many caregivers, their new role comes without warning. Suddenly they must manage their loved one’s needs around the clock, forfeiting life as they knew it to provide care. It’s a profound act of love and patriotism but it takes a toll on even the strongest people. Too many military families are falling through the cracks and they deserve our support.

Become a Tom Hanks Caregiver Champion today to receive your own Caring Tag with the name of one caregiver whose life you are changing!

Plus, your tax-deductible donation to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation will help change the lives of millions of military caregivers and their families.

Become a Champion