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The Hope Fund for Critical Financial Assistance

Now, hope is never lost.

Too many caregivers are on the brink of homelessness and hunger or struggle to pay bills, due to joblessness, underemployment, unexpected care costs, and unpredictable benefits.

We’ve teamed with Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation to provide military caregivers emergency relief grants to get them back on track.


Critical financial assistance for military and veteran caregivers

The Hope Fund for Critical Financial Assistance will provide financial relief to all eras of military and veteran caregivers through grants that aim to put military families on the path to financial wellness. These grants provide high-impact financial assistance to prevent or address a significant crisis or to improve the quality of life of the caregiver family. This financial relief fills the gaps that other programs may not cover, such as medical bills, natural disaster assistance, emergency transportation for appointments, or loss of income.

Caregivers who would benefit from assistance are strongly encouraged to apply. Please do not suffer through hardship when help is available.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must provide care to a wounded, ill, or injured veteran or service member (and submit proof of service).
  2. You must seek financial support for services completed within the 50 U.S. states and territories.

If you’ve applied to receive financial assistance, thank you for taking the necessary steps to help you and your family. Our goal is to provide this critical help to as many military and veteran families as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hope Fund for Critical Financial Assistance Review Committee consists of military and veteran spouses and family members, as well as caregivers themselves. The review committee will evaluate applications on a rolling basis and give preference to those who meet the eligibility requirements described and have been impacted by an unexpected financial emergency. The need for this service could be from the loss of a job or income, a natural disaster, to medical bills not covered by insurance. If your quality of life has been impacted, we encourage you to apply.

Please click on the “Take the Next Steps” button to fill out an application to apply for this program. If you have any questions along the way, please email [email protected].

No, the veteran does not have to have a disability, injury, or illness connected to their military service to be able to apply for financial assistance.

Submit one of the following documents: DD214; VA Identification Card; VA Benefits letter; Military Discharge Certificate; VA Caregiver support letter; or VA case manager letter.

You are welcome to reapply. Given our limited funds and the immense requests for financial support, you are not guaranteed a second grant. All applications are thoughtfully reviewed and considered. All individuals who apply are given additional resources, warm referrals to local or national supports, and will be invited to join EDF’s Financial Wellness programming, where they can learn about budgeting, debt management, and other topics to support overall financial wellness aligned with our holistic approach.

Yes, all caregivers for veterans and service members may apply, regardless of when their loved one served.

Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. We will respond as soon as possible. Timing will depend on how many applications we receive as well as whether additional documentation is needed to process your application. Please make sure to fully complete the application, which will aid in processing time and communication.

Caregivers can apply to receive assistance for financial emergencies including a medical or dental bill not covered by insurance, home appliance repair/replacement, vehicle repairs, loss of income, mortgage or rent payments, displacement caused by natural disasters, emergency transportation, and more.

The Hope Fund will directly pay the invoice to the third party for services provided to the caregiver and their family. The caregiver will not be the recipient of the funds.

A Path Toward Financial Wellness

The Hope Fund provides much-needed aid for the caregiver, the care receiver, and their family. Life happens and unexpected costs come up. The uncertainty of a sound financial future should not add to the stress of being a caregiver.

Every caregiver who applies for this program, regardless of whether or not you receive a grant, will be offered additional support, referrals, and access to other benefits available through the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s holistic financial wellness program. It’s our mission to propel caregivers like you on a well-supported path to financial wellness.

Additional Information

Questions? Email [email protected].

Special thanks to the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation for joining with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to launch this program.