Untold Story Challenge

The Untold Story Challenge seeks to shine a light on America’s military kids and youth, “hidden helpers.” Through writing, drawing, film, photography, or any creative practice, hidden helpers are invited to share their experiences and showcase the strength, compassion, and hope that makes this community so special.

Through the Untold Story Challenge, military kids and youth from all corners of the nation had the opportunity to share their stories and express their family’s unique experiences in their own creative ways. From poems, paintings, and choreographed dances to songwriting, artwork, essays, and videos, more than 100 hidden helpers showcased the strength, compassion, and hope that makes America’s military kids so special. Meet the winners of the 2023 Untold Story Challenge!​​​​

​​​And last, but most certainly not least, congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Kylie!

Thank you to ALL the military kids and youth who participated. ​Your stories matter and we will continue to provide outlets for you to share them. ​​

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Together, we must recognize our nation’s hidden helpers who are providing an unseen, unrecognized, and unsupported national service.