Andre Morrow

How did your life change when you became a caregiver? Were there aspects of your life (such as school, career, or plans for retirement) that you had to alter?

To become the caregiver that my father needed, I retired early from my position as City of San Jose Park Supervisor. My dad and I had a tumultuous relationship as a result of his years struggling with post-traumatic stress. I stepped in to care for him when I learned how to forgive and forget. I moved my family out of our home to provide full-time care to my dad in his own home and manage all aspects of his life, including feeding, bathing, cooking, cleaning, finances, dressing, and medications. You name it, I do it. Some days are exhausting. It’s a completely different lifestyle, but I have the support of my wife of 40 years and my children. My life is now in loving service to him and his needs.

What do you do to maintain your own well-being?

I work out and walk daily to keep myself strong both physically and mentally. I am a former National Powerlifting Champion, and staying strong allows me to move my dad with less risk for physical injury. My faith is also a source of spiritual strength.

Tell us who you are outside of your role as a caregiver. What interests you? Do you go to school, work, or volunteer? Are you an entrepreneur?

I am a Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of San Jose. It’s a volunteer position representing 100,000 residents. I also have two goals as a caregiver advocate. One is to continue to educate folks on the importance and benefits of caregiving. Being a Fellow will provide a larger platform to get that message out. My second goal is to reach the younger generation by sharing what I do. I want to help kids today who are where I was decades ago. I have mentored hundreds of former gang members over the last 35 years and used my experiences to provide hope for a better future for them. I plan to do the same for caregivers as a Fellow.


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