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FACA Chair Transition

FACA Chair Transition

After launching the VA Federal Advisory Committee on Veteran Families, Caregivers, and Survivors and serving as its chair for five years, Senator Elizabeth Dole is proud to be transitioning the chairmanship to Lee Woodruff. A caregiver herself, Lee is the Founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, a longtime advocate for veterans and their families, and has served as a member of the Committee since its inception.

The Committee was established in May 2017 to provide guidance to the Secretary on emerging priority issues related to veterans’ families, caregivers, and survivors. Senator Dole has been honored to serve as the inaugural leader of this first-of-its-kind Committee. In this role, Senator Dole and her fellow Committee members have championed numerous substantive reforms for the Department and issued recommendations that have transformed the landscape of care at the VA. Earlier this year, Senator Dole informed VA leaders the spring 2022 meeting would be her last as chair.

“I’m so proud of the work this Committee has accomplished over the last five years,” said Senator Dole, Founder and Chair of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. “We have collectively ensured that the needs of veteran families, caregivers, and survivors are not an afterthought, but are culturally considered across the entire department. Supporting this population is my life’s mission and I look forward to working with Lee and all our partners across the Foundation’s programs to ensure the needs of families, caregivers, and survivors are a top priority.”

Elizabeth Dole Foundation CEO Steve Schwab will also be serving as a member of the Federal Advisory Committee moving forward.