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Vet TRIIP, Inc.

Vet TRIIP provides free complementary and integrative healthcare programs for veterans, service members, their families and caregivers living with Post-Traumatic Stress and chronic pain.

Individual Integrative Immersion Process (IIP) Sessions include Emotional Freedom Technique, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, Reiki/qigong, chiropractic care and acupuncture in a peaceful environment with calming music. Short-term benefits typically last two days to two weeks. Vet TRIIP Stage 2 Sessions are designed to teach daily self-directed practices and healthy lifestyle skills to maintain long-term recovery. Vet TRIIP programs were adapted from integrative PTSD treatment programs at Fort Bliss and Fort Hood. Since 2012, 200 dedicated healthcare professionals have volunteered over 35,000 hours of services for over 1000 veterans, families and caregivers to attend 5000+ individual IIP Sessions. Over 85% of veterans are community resource referrals from staff at VA/DoD facilities and Vet Centers. Vet TRIIP programs have been duplicated in five locations in three Texas cities.

Military Caregiver Program(s):

  • Vet TRIIP Integrative Immersion Process (IIP) Sessions