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Save A Warrior

Through safe, innovative and evidence-based resiliency programs, Save a Warrior offers an alternative to suicide so that returning Warriors may thrive.

Save A Warrior (SAW) embraces our returning Warriors in a healthy and nurturing environment that stimulates personal growth beyond any program available. Our purpose is to inspire the greatest generation of servant leaders in our nation’s history. Save A Warrior targets healing of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and is unlike any other Veteran’s Organization in existence. It is a week-long residential “war detox” program that uses evidence-based techniques to educate Warriors and provide them with healing opportunities that initiate long-term behavioral changes. These techniques include instruction in Warrior Meditation, PTS education, pre-trauma processing, equine-assisted learning, experiential learning via high-ropes and rock-climbing, and a combined mix of other activities that invoke a spiritual initiation for the Warriors where they begin to focus on serving others and finding a greater sense of purpose in life.