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One to One-Women Coaching Women

One to One Women Coaching Women provides the extraordinary services of six months, 26 sessions of life coaching.

Location is open because the coaching, provided by certified life coaches, is offered by phone. The coaches have had additional training in the unique situations involving trauma. Caregivers know best their challenges and coaches provide the navigation to assist the coachee to accomplish her agenda and what she wants to pursue. We believe that each client has within her the unique answers to having a life of her dreams knowing her own unique challenges. Asking powerful questions while listening deeply the client uncovers her hearts desires. After developing crystal clear ideas, she will develop multiple means to accomplish them. We believe that all things are possible. The caregiver completes her coaching empowered, clear, and resilient with new perspectives on life. Though free, One to One requires dedication to making time for her coaching and herself, time for beginning assessments and completing assessments to see progress and our accountability and open and clear communications about what works best for her.

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