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Beachwood Center for Wellbeing

The mission of Beachwood Center for Wellbeing, Inc. is to provide services, research and training in Interactive Equine Therapy (IET) a unique protocol for anxiety, grief, trauma, and other stress related illness. Beachwood helps individuals with anxiety, depression, and emotional trauma such as, abuse, grief, PTSD and medical issues associated with the internalization of stress. Beachwood offers professional one-on-one equine therapy: therapist, client and horse. The horses have been specially selected from European breeds, bred for the strength, intelligence, and sensitivity to do the healing work of the Beachwood Center. Independent data collected by Brown University (Dept of Public Health) shows that Beachwood’s protocol is remarkably effective and efficient at helping clients build bridges from the part of the brain that holds trauma, to the rational brain; transforming the way individuals experience their lives and interact with others, and building lasting healthy coping strategies.