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The Art League – IMPART

IMPart (Injured Military Personnel + Art) supports returning veterans who are living with TBI, PTS, and other psychological health conditions.

IMPart’s service members and veteran participants, their techs, caregivers, and families are provided with artist-led, visual arts education every week, 50 weeks a year, on-site at our studios.

Ceramics: Led by artist and League staff member Blair Meerfeld and a team of artist volunteers—the IMPart ceramics program offers individualized instruction and creative attention on Wednesday afternoons. The studio is well equipped with kilns, wheels, and tools suitable for handbuilding, wheelthrowing, and sculpting clay.

Bladesmithing: IMPart provides bladesmithing instruction with veteran artist Nate Bocker at the League’s sculpture studio on Wednesday evenings. The studio is outfitted with a forge, tools, and equipment suitable for bladesmithing and small-scale blacksmithing.

Fine art: Artist-led instruction and hands-on projects in other visual art forms are made available for IMPart participants upon request.


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