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Military and veteran caregivers are the frontline medical workers caring for our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured warriors.

These caregivers have no training but are drafted to serve when their service member comes home.

The average military or veteran caregiver spends 20-30 hours per week caring for their wounded warrior. The isolation, stress, and strain can be overwhelming. But still, they forge on, proudly serving those who have defended our country.

Please join us in recognizing these military and veteran caregivers for their incredible service to our country.

Leave a few words of encouragement for these hidden heroes so they know you stand with them.

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Messages for Caregivers

"Im writing as a caregiver of my father. I want you to know how special and so very important and needed you are ! I often think im mot doing enough for him. Dad has ptsd am mostly stays in his room, he said could never make it with out me. Sometimes love is enough. Keep loving them and yours"

Michelle from Waldorf, MD

"I'm so glad to have all you ladies in my life that understands and never judge!

Thank you for everything you do!"

Tonib from Brooklyn, Mi

"Thank you for all each of you are doing to support your veteran. Thank you for all the hours and special care each family member lovingly provides!"

Mary Kay from Batavia, IL

"Thank you for supporting those who need you. You do make a difference!"

Amy from DePere, WI

"God bless you and keep you safe, the work you do to care for our military and veteran's is so essential. You are caring for those who have risked everything for our freedoms and rights, and they carry the wounds both on the surface and within. You are their hero's, thank you!"

Brian from Appleton, WI

"Thank you for your selflessness in supporting your military family member. My family and I deeply appreciate all that you do!"

Mary Ellen from Alexandria, KY

"My family and I are deeply grateful for your service!"

Mary Ellen from Alexandria, KY

"God Bless all the caregivers out there.Thank you."

Anthony from Princess Anne, MD

"Stay strong, you will be rewarded in Heaven for your selfless time and efforts. Merry Christmas."

Valerie from Grottoes, VA

"Thank you for your courage's love in caring for Veterans!"

Micheal D. from Lewiston, Idaho

"God bless you all. You are true heroes. Thank you for all your wonderful efforts."

Christy from Powell, TN

"God bless you!"

Stacie from Humble, TX

"You have such an important job. I'm sure that your job takes you through every emotion at times. I pray for you. Keep up the good work."

Forrest from St. Louis, MO

"All the blessings of God be with you all"

Bruce from Henderson, Minnesota

"Thank you for serving our country with such bravery & care!
We truly appreciate all the many sacrifices you make for our freedom here
in the USA."

Marianne from Myrtle Beach, SC

"I want to thank all of the caregivers that take care of our veterans. We are all so grateful for your service. I know there are families that are caregivers, too. We want to thank you also. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year."

Dianna from Rockport, Texas

"God bless you and thank you for all that you do. Merry Christmas 🎄"

Deborah from Port Saint Lucie, Florida

"To all other caregivers : I share your feelings of love, hope and frustration but want you to know that you are not alone! God bless and keep each of you and your loved ones!"

Robin from Copper Hill,Va, va.

"I can not imagine the time, money and work you have to expend every day. Next to our veterans I admire you the most. Take care of yourself too as you can not be there for him/her without "me time". You are greatly loved and admired by so many of us God bless you!

Pamela from Lorena, TX

"Thank you so much for caring. May God bless you and yours."

Iris & Patty from Wilmington, Delaware

"Thank you caregivers for all your hard work helping our Military. You are indispensable to these soliders that need you."

Theresa from Orland park, Il

"Thank you so much for caring for a warrior who got wounded while protecting us & our freedom. You are appreciated, my g-pa was a Sergeant in the Marines during WWII's Pacific battle. Everyday I think of all the wounded warriors & I thank God for you care givers. You are blessed for your work."

Candra from Danbury, Connecticut

"The for your loving unselfish sacrifices in caring for our wounded warrior who's sacrificed greatly for our freedom. May God greatly bless you for all you do. Have a wonderful Christmas & bushels of blessings in 2021!😍"

Jacqueline from Pontiac, Michigan

"I appreciate all the work and care you give our veterans. Thank you for all your services and thank your veterans for all of their services. God bless all of you!"

Christina from Dillsburg, PA

"All of you have put your lives in the hands of others so you can be there for the ones who need you. Your selfless actions show great strength. Thanks you all."

Andrew from Towanda, PA