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Elizabeth Dole Foundation Partners with Unite Us to Support Unmet Needs for Military and Veteran Caregivers

Elizabeth Dole Foundation Partners with Unite Us to Support Unmet Needs for Military and Veteran Caregivers

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 16, 2022) – Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF), a nonprofit organization that supports the military and veteran caregiver community, and Unite Us, the nation’s leading technology company connecting health and social care, are partnering to expand its coordinated care network. Together, Elizabeth Dole Foundation and Unite Us aim to increase access to resources that will address the unmet needs of military and veteran caregivers throughout the country.

Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Mission highlights the untold stories of military caregivers and seeks solutions for their tremendous challenges and long-term needs.

Unite Us connects caregivers to network partners that provide much-needed resources and services, such as assistance with food and meals, respite, financial support, peer connection, and other pressing needs. Partners across 44 states are connected through Unite Us’ shared technology platform, enabling them to send and receive secure, electronic referrals, address people’s social needs, and improve community health.

EDF acknowledges the importance of addressing social care to improve a military or veteran caregiver’s overall well-being. There are more than five and a half million military caregivers providing care to wounded, ill, or injured warriors across the nation. These hidden heroes give nearly fourteen billion dollars’ worth of unpaid care to our service members and veterans yearly, and they experience health challenges at a higher rate than civilian caregivers.

“We’re excited to join forces with Unite Us to empower military and veteran caregivers with a coordinated care network,” said Coleton Whitaker, Senior Director of Programs at the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. “Far too often, caregivers put their health and well-being on the back burner. This resource provides America’s hidden heroes with a new tool they can use to prioritize and take ownership of their health.”

Together, EDF and Unite Us will securely connect people in need with community-based resources that can be difficult to navigate otherwise. The network provides a central point of contact where health and social service providers can securely access and refer people to needed services while monitoring progress and measuring outcomes.

“Unite Us is honored to work alongside the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, as we’re committed to increasing equitable access to services for military and veteran caregivers nationwide through this partnership,” said Adrienne Sherk, Senior Director of National Partnerships at Unite Us. “Together, we aim to improve the health and social care outcomes of hidden heroes and their families that will enable them to thrive and live healthier lives.”

Nonprofits, community-based organizations, and other providers who want to connect their clients and patients to Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s services within Unite Us’ network can reach out at uniteus.com/contact/.

About Elizabeth Dole Foundation

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is the preeminent organization empowering, supporting, and honoring our nation’s 5.5 million military caregivers—the spouses, parents, family members, and friends—who care for America’s wounded, ill, or injured service members and Veterans at home. Founded by Senator Elizabeth Dole in 2012, the Foundation adopts a comprehensive approach in its support and advocacy, working with leaders in the public, private, nonprofit, and faith communities to recognize military caregivers’ service and promote their well-being. The Foundation’s Hidden Heroes campaign brings vital attention to the untold stories of military caregivers and provides a network for military caregivers to connect with their peers and access carefully vetted resources. Visit hiddenheroes.org for more information.

About Unite Us

Unite Us is a technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and social service providers. With Unite Us, providers across sectors can send and receive secure, electronic referrals, track every person’s total health journey, and report on tangible outcomes across a full range of services in a centralized, cohesive, and collaborative ecosystem. Unite Us’ dedicated team builds authentic, lasting partnerships with local organizations to ensure their networks have a solid foundation, launch successfully, and continue to grow and thrive. This HITRUST-certified social care infrastructure helps communities transform their ability to work together and measure impact at scale. Follow Unite Us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.