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Exclusive C3 Episode Recap

Exclusive C3 Episode Recap

A few months ago, when we realized the profound impact COVID-19 would have on the population of military and veteran families we serve, we knew we needed to shift our mission and find new ways to support our community. With help from our partners at Wounded Warrior Project and the VA, we created Caregiver Community Connection (C3), an interactive web series that aims to empower, inspire, and engage America’s military, veteran, and family caregivers.

Since we launched the series last month, thousands of caregivers, veterans, and supporters have tuned in. Our episodes are different each week and cover topics like healthy lifestyle hacks, self-care and self-love, personal and professional development, financial wellness, mental and physical health, and sharing your story.

With much going on in our world right now, it’s so important that we find avenues to express ourselves, release stress, learn, and connect with others. So, whatever you’re feeling right now, we hope one of our episodes will speak to you.

Keep scrolling for an exclusive recap with links to watch previous C3 episodes!

A Candid Conversation: Sharing our Caregiving Stories

Lee Woodruff, renowned author, journalist, and speaker shared how writing can be a therapeutic practice to release stress and anxiety. Her tips come from years of experience and are practical yet powerful. Also, she’s HILARIOUS!

Get ready to laugh and learn – watch here.


Take a Breath: Breathing Techniques to Cope with Stress

Breathe in, breathe out with Tricia Winklosky of Hope for Warriors. Learn techniques to help you remain cool, calm, and collected, even in the midst of stressful times. Remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Take a few minutes for yourself and watch the episode here.


Money 101: Financial Wellness for Military Families

Our partners at Prudential know how to talk about money. It can be a stressful and uncomfortable topic for some, but they provide free resources to help military families at every stage of their journey.

Learn about the power of debt calculators, budget builders, and other awesome tools – watch here.


Healthy Hacks for a Positive Mindset

Life is a balancing act and sometimes it can be nearly impossible to juggle everything. Amy Looney Heffernan, VP of the Travis Manion Foundation, helps us understand the impacts of mental health and shares tools she uses to keep a positive mindset no matter the circumstances.

Watch her episode here.


Doing Our Part: Virtual Volunteerism

Sometimes, you want to help, but don’t know where to start. Betsy Eves of Operation Gratitude teaches us how small actions can have a great impact. The whole family can get involved in showing our military service members and veterans how much we care.

Do something that makes your heart feel good – watch here.


Let’s “Taco” About Healthy Eating

For our premiere C3 episode, WWP CEO Mike Linnington and our CEO Steve Schwab invited viewers into our kitchens as we cooked up some delicious tacos and got some healthy eating tips from Wounded Warrior Project’s Physical Health and Wellness Director.

Watch episode here.