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Baking a Difference with Dog Tag Bakery

Baking a Difference with Dog Tag Bakery

In the early hours of the morning, Dog Tag Bakery is cooking up batches of handmade baked goods while the Dog Tag, Inc. Fellowship Program provides valuable business experience for veterans with service connected disabilities, spouses and caregivers.

In partnership with Georgetown University, the Dog Tag, Inc. Fellowship Program is a 5-month initiative providing intensive learning of practical work skills, including how to run a small business.    Upon completion of the Program, transitioned veterans and caregivers are proven to be ready for the business world.

Meet Betsy Eves. She is a military caregiver to her husband, a soldier in the US Army, who after 12 years of service was medically retired due to combat related PTS, TBI and chronic depression. Betsy has two children, Matthew, 4, and Emily, 16.


Betsy is currently enrolled in the Dog Tag, Inc. Fellowship Program and is part of the 4th group of Fellows to go through the Program since inception. In addition to being a student, military caregiver, volunteer, mom and wife, Betsy is the owner of two small businesses.  A world-renowned baking & lifestyle blog, The JavaCupcake Blog, and a social media and online marketing consulting firm, Be Creative Consulting, LLC.   Betsy also works part time at Yellow Ribbon Fund as the Caregiver Coordinator for the Fort Belvoir area.

Looking towards the future, Betsy hopes that this experience and the education she gains at Dog Tag Bakery will allow her to fulfill her passion of serving others in her community while taking her businesses to the next level. Her dream is to make a full-time living from her passions, while continuing to volunteer within her community. Betsy will continue to support her veteran husband as his caregiver as they raise their children together.

For more information about the Dog Tag, Inc. Fellowship Program at Dog Tag Bakery, please visit our website.