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Support our Nation’s Hidden Heroes

There are more than 5.5 million men and women in the United States providing care to wounded, ill, and injured veterans and service members. These hidden heroes experience great physical, emotional, and family strain, and far too often face these challenges alone. Many caregivers are frequently the sole breadwinner for their families, and most are balancing the responsibilities of managing a household, childcare, legal and financial challenges, and complex medical conditions of their care recipients.

The goal of the Hidden Heroes Campaign is to raise awareness of the issues military caregivers confront every day and rally our nation to take action in supporting military caregivers in their communities.

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Military Caregivers don’t always ask for help, but they deserve our support. Take the pledge and sign up to show Military Caregivers in your community you support them!

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The best way to support our nation’s wounded warriors is to support the men and women who care for them 24/7. Your contribution will help military caregivers across the country access the resources and support they need to care for themselves and their wounded service member or veteran.

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Hidden Heroes was live on the Today Show from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday, May 23rd, including a full hour co-hosted by Hidden Heroes Campaign Chair, Tom Hanks, at 8 AM EST.

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For more information, click here or visit today.com/hiddenheroes